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What our students are saying....

From our joint summer program:
"...My sessions with you really made summer special. Now that I've had distance to integrate the experience,
I appreciate the subtle ways in which the course has enhanced my thinking process and expression in other
areas, as well as the sense of accomplishment for taking the baby step of singing in front of people.
So...thanks for helping me find courage somewhere in my over-thinking brain. I feel a lot more open-hearted
Linn Kennedy

"The first day I took a lesson with Cindy, I was greeted with a warm smile. Within 5 minutes, I knew she had
an energy that was unlike previous teachers I had, and she brought that energy level to every class. The
lessons weren't a chore; they were something I looked forward too every time I went. I would go in knowing I
would progress that day, and both of us were excited about it. Through strong analogies equipped with body
language and examples, she communicated exactly what was needed to help me find my voice and how to
shape it. We would experiment with multiple techniques to find one that suited my style instead of insisting
that one and only way was correct. She helped my learning by asking questions, and keeping me actively
engaged in what I was experiencing. I strongly recommend her to anyone that wants to learn how to sing, or
that wants to take their singing to a new level."

"Cindy is an excellent voice teacher. She uses helpful images and analogies to teach opera and musical
theatre vocal technique. Cindy also teaches her students to channel the emotions of a character into the
voice, so that technique does not stifle emotion and vice versa. Her performance experience—past and
present—makes her a great mentor for students pursuing a career in singing. After a vocal lesson with Cindy,
I feel the same way I do after a yoga class: happy, healthy, and confident. Cindy creates a safe, open
atmosphere in her lessons and treats her students with respect. Most importantly, Cindy is passionate about
singing and helping others realize the potential of their voice."

"I took singing lessons with Cindy while she was in Toronto, and really enjoyed our time together. In the last
few years my voice has really improved, and Cindy's coaching is paying off. My choir director noticed the

difference immediately, and asked me what I was doing differently! Cindy has a wonderful ability to help
develop the voice with great exercises and visualizations. When I am working on a song I still hear her
suggestions and instructions in my head."

"Thanks to Cindy I improved my voice. When I met her my knowledge and technique was very poor. After a
few sessions I started to understand more and more the real meaning inside of the whole singing posture,
support, resonance, etc. After months my voice changed and after one year I was able to start to make
auditions for solo roles.
I'm really happy and lucky to have her as a teacher, she is also a great person and has lots of patience to
explain things in different way so the student can actually understand by feeling and with own words

explanation. Cindy is a great singer with great voice and experience and thanks to her I was able to re-
discover my voice and stop being shy. She taught me how to get the self-confidence to sing in auditions.

I strongly recommend any student who would like to improve their voice and become a better singer!!"

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